14 Latinx Stars on the Rise Who You Need to Know

Hispanic Heritage Month may be over, but the recognition never stops.

Before we say adios to the month-long celebration, concluding Oct. 15, of the contributions of Latinx people to the history, culture and achievements of the United States, we wanted to take a minute and share with you but a few names from the community whose stars are only going to continue to shine brighter as we close out the year and head into 2021.

These are the actors and actresses poised to light up our screens for years to come, the singers and songwriters who’ve been dominating Spotify, and the triple-threats who seem capable of doing it all. The list is by no means exhaustive nor meant to be representative of the entire Latinx community. Rather, it’s merely a sweet sampling of the names that’ve gotten us excited over the last few months, made with the knowledge that no community is a monolith. 

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