36 Secrets About The West Wing—Including What's Next

For years now, Aaron Sorkin and the cast of his 26-time Emmy-winning, impeccably written, politically minded creation have been inundated with the same question: What’s next? 

As in, would we ever again get to peek inside the most aspirational of White Houses, into a place that gave people hope a world of politics could exist that coupled the requisite dirty dealings and one-upmanship with bipartisan cooperation and the ever-present desire to actually do good. 

“It’s nice to think about,” Allison Janney told Jimmy Kimmel of slipping back into C.J. Cregg’s suits for another term in The West Wing cabinet. “I think everybody wants to think about it now because, you know, it was a Camelot administration on The West Wing. It was the way you hope that people in government [would be].”

It was rousing, motivational; it showcased the best of people; it taught us that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. And for many—against the backdrop of the current divisive climate—revisiting all seven seasons on Netflix feels as heartwarming as the first time we saw President Bartlet (Martin Sheen) give Charlie (Dulé Hill) his family’s knife set. So, really, Aaron, can a fan get a reboot up in here? 

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