5 Revelations From Mindy Kaling's New Book About Raising Daughter Kit

Mindy Kaling is nothing if not candid in Nothing Like I Imagined (Except for Sometimes), a collection of essays that detail her life like never before.

Even though The Office star is very active on social media, she rarely discusses personal matters like her daughter, Katherine Swati Kaling. Mindy even managed to keep the birth of her second son, Spencer Kaling, a complete secret, only recently revealing to Stephen Colbert that she had welcomed the little one in September. 

She previously explained, “It’s really essential to my life that there be something not everybody knows about… That’s a boundary, but it’s a very small boundary. Everything else I really don’t have any issue sharing.”

But now, the actress, who is nominated for a People’s Choice Award, is comfortable opening up about the years she’s spent as a single mother.

In the Amazon Original Stories collection of essays, the 41-year-old writes about her decision to raise her daughter as a Hindu, why she hired a baby nurse and the pros of being single.

But there’s so much more to Nothing Like I Imagined. After all, Mindy isn’t just a mom, but a writer, producer and Hollywood mainstay.

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