90210's Christine Elise Back Tracks On Jessica Alba Comments

Christine Elise is standing by her assertion that Jessica Alba told a “f–cking lie” about her experience on the Beverly Hills, 90210 set, but she’s apologizing nonetheless.

The actress, who starred in 12 episodes of the series, said in a statement posted to her Instagram on Oct. 22 that her colorful language is not a reflection of her feelings toward the Honest Company owner.

“First of all—I have never met her but have always admired her work,” she assured. “I am certain she is a lovely woman.”

Christine then said that her remarks on the Beverly Hills, 90210 Show podcast were taken out of context by the media. She explained, “Secondly, anyone who knows me at all knows that I swear with unapologetic abandon, so quotes read without tone of voice can be misinterpreted and seem more angry than they ever were.”

However, the actress said that Jessica’s account of what happened on set “does not sound like the set I was on,” explaining that her work as an actress and writer on the show, in addition to living with Jason Priestley, makes her knowledgeable on this subject.

And she noted that her co-stars also voiced their doubt about Jessica’s claims. Though, Christine confessed, “They were more diplomatic than I was.”

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