Adam Brody and Keiko Agena Surprise With Gilmore Girls Reunion

Adam Brody and Keiko Agena are single-handedly saving 2020 by giving us the Gilmore Girls reunion we desperately needed.

The on-screen lovers, who played bandmates Dave and Lane before the characters’ tragic breakup, chatted on Instagram live on Thursday, Sept. 24, to promote the organization Vote Forward and have a “long-awaited” reunion.

It turns out that Lane and Dave might be the biggest activists in Stars Hollow, as the stars volunteered to write letters to voters in swing states ahead of the U.S. presidential election.

Beforehand, though, it was time for a proper catch up. Keiko asked, “How have you been?” And Adam joked, “How have I been these past 17 years?” 

The 40-year-old actor answered, “Pretty wonderful. And it’s this constant, lately, it’s been this constant dichotomy of loving, enjoying my life and also freaking out and pulling my hair over the state of affairs of the world and our country right now and kind of trying to do both. So it’s like party in the day, freak out at night.” 

Part of that has to be baby bliss. Adam, who married Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester in 2014, welcomed their second child earlier this month during quarantine. 

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