Alicia Keys Debuts

Meet the new Alicia Keys. There may not be a traditional red carpet this year, but Keys made the most of the 2020 Billboard Music Awards by revealing a “new side” of herself.

Before taking the stage to perform, Keys showed off her glitzy bodysuit and new bangs on Instagram. She wrote, “New side of Alicia to introduce you to. Nice to meet you.” Hellooo queen! 

The 15-time Grammy winner went on to wow viewers by singing her new song, “Love Looks Better,” on Wednesday, Oct. 14, after she dropped her seventh album, Alicia, one month prior. 

Keys performed in the sparkling white outfit, which shone against the red tint of the stage. Two backup dancers wore masks beside her, and eventually Keys moved to a bright red piano to play and sing, “You’re all I ever wanted.”

She ended the fiery concert by flexing her DJ skills and finished in a power pose.

Why the fierce new look? Keys explained, “This performance for Billboard keeps talking about where we’re growing to. Who you were in the past, who you are now, where you’re going.” She continued on Instagram, “That’s what I’m expressing right now and I love it. … I’m this version of Alicia today.”

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