Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker Prove They're Couple Goals on All-New Celebrity Game Face

4. Mad Dash Through the House

The Celebrity Game Face teams had us in stitches during the “Show Me Your Junk” challenge. This scavenger hunt activity had all three teams scurrying throughout their homes to find items teased by Kevin’s riddles.

For the first round, Kevin had the pairs hunt down an item you “sleep with” at night and is “handy in a slumber party fight.”

As the pairs dashed off to find bedroom pillows, many of them forgot that they were sitting next to pillows in their living rooms. After coming in third, Andy and Brooklyn found themselves in a hilarious squabble.

“You didn’t grab one,” Brooklyn playfully snapped.

“Because I didn’t know what the f–king answer was,” the famed tennis player responded. “I’m not that bright! I played sports, obviously, I don’t know much.”

Regardless, Brooklyn and Andy had quite the comeback as they found a 25-point item. While the sibling pairs struggled to find a screwdriver, the married duo was able to hunt it down and ring the bell, bringing them to first place in the competition.

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