Ann Curry Says She Still

They say time heals all wounds, but eight years have passed since Ann Curry left the Today show and she says she still “hurts really deeply.”

In a new interview with Elle, the journalist explains this pain is partly because, even after all these years, she doesn’t “really understand” the show’s decision to remove her from the co-host position in 2012. “I know I did nothing wrong. I know I was good at my job,” she reasons. 

When Curry’s Today co-host Matt Lauer was fired from the show for inappropriate sexual behavior in 2017, Curry said that she was aware of his alleged actions and had informed management.

Now, she says of that conversation, “I was in a position where, as a reporter, I was unable to talk about it. I was asked, ‘Please keep this to yourself.’ I kept that confidence, as I should have. That was tough.”

She was moved from her role as co-host to news anchor for Today, in addition to an international and national correspondent for NBC News. In 2015, Curry parted ways with NBC entirely.

And though there was speculation that Curry was removed by executives to protect Lauer, she says she doesn’t know if her alleged conversations with the management played a role in her departure.

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