Bad Bunny and Ivy Queen Represent Puerto Rico at the Billboard Awards

Bad Bunny‘s performance at the 2020 Billboard Music Awards was definitely worth the six-month wait. 

The Puerto Rican artist was set to perform at the Billboard Music Awards on April 29, but like the rest of the awards ceremonies, it was delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, Bad Bunny is once again taking the stage to give his fans everything they’ve been waiting for and more. 

Benito made a grand entrance following Ellen DeGeneres Show host Twitch’s announcement that he was the winner of the Top Latin Artist award. And as per usual, the artist was dressed to impress in a bedazzled suit jacket, with a sleek black turtleneck underneath. 

He was joined onstage by none other than Puerto Rican singers Ivy Queen and Nesi, who were each dressed in outfits that were as glittery and chic as Bad Bunny’s. 

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