Bad Bunny Talks Breaking Down Stereotypes in the Latinx Community

E! News: Have the people around you influenced your style?

BB: “Absolutely. I’m influenced by the new generation and other artists as well. But mainly the new generation, who I think are more creative and daring with their fashion, especially men in the Latin community. I’ve done my part in creating a space for others and for myself to feel more comfortable.”

E! News: Do you see yourself branching out into the fashion industry? And if so, can fans expect for there to be a Bad Bunny clothing line in the future?

BB: “Of course. It’s one of my goals and dreams. I’m working on it… I’m focused on my music, my career, everything, so it’s one of my goals to dedicate my time to fashion.”

E! News: And because we all need to know, what is your secret to clear skin?

BB: “My skincare routine is I take a shower only on Saturdays. In all honesty, I don’t do anything. I just wash my face with the same body wash I use to wash my ass [laughs]. I don’t do anything… I’m blessed.”

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