Big Brother Stars Under Fire After Mocking Ian Terry’s Autism

Big Brother really is always watching.

As a new season continues filming, some loyal fans watching the 24-7 live feeds witnessed several contestants talking about fellow houseguest Ian Terry‘s autism. 

In a clip circulating online, Dani Briones and Nicole Franzel can be heard chatting about their cast member’s “rocking.”

“I can’t even look at him sometimes because [of] his constant movement. It stresses me out,” Dani said. “I feel mean saying that, but I’ll literally have to move to a point where I can’t see him.”

In another clip, Memphis Garrett is seen mocking Ian’s walk while Nicole, Dani and Christmas Abbot laugh along.

E! News has reached out to CBS for comment. At the moment, it is unclear if the moment will air in an upcoming episode. But once the footage started going viral on social media, some contestants already evicted couldn’t help but speak out and stand up for Ian.

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