Brian Austin Green Was Surprised to Stump Masked Singer Panel

E!: How hard was it to keep this secret? 

BAG: That was probably the hardest part. The hardest part was going to work and having to tell my kids and nanny, and the people in my house, and my mom, like, “Hey, I gotta go to work and I can’t talk about it. See you later!” It was really tough. And then, you know, in the whole age of social media—which I’m not used to, that’s not my generation—but the fans are super f–king smart. It’s unbelievable how many people would DM me and be like, “Good job Giraffe!” after the first performance, or people going, “Hey, are you the giraffe?” And it’s like, just not being able to say anything, like don’t even start talking about it. That’s the safest way to play this. Like literally just ignore it. Pretend like you never got the message.

So to do the unveil last night and not have to do that anymore is really—it’s a huge weight off my shoulders. It’s the first time I finally feel like, okay, that job is done. You did The Masked Singer.  You have all this stuff on set, nobody knows you, it’s very secretive.  It’s so freeing to, to know like, okay, cool. I can talk about it. 

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