Check Out These Fun Facts About the Original Supermarket Sweep

2. So probably for the best that none of the three teams got to keep the food they “bought.” Though for the contestants who didn’t get a shot at the $5,000, there was a consolation prize. “They got their sweatshirts,” Ruprecht shared with Great Big Story. “Unfortunately, the winning team did not get their sweatshirts, interestingly enough. They got $5,000 but they didn’t get their sweatshirts.”

3. And, technically, victors actually left empty-handed. “It was a syndicated show,” Mike Futia, the winner of a March 2001 episode, explained to The A.V. Club in a 2014 interview, “so they taped all the episodes, and you didn’t even know if you were going to get the money if you won unless it aired, which could be six months later, because they then had to sell it.”

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