Clare Crawley Has

“Congratulations, you’ve just blown up The Bachelorette.” 

That’s what Chris Harrison says to Clare Crawley in a brand new promo for The Bachelorette. It aired tonight during the premiere of Dancing With the Stars (as if we needed more excitement) and finally, ABC appears to be acknowledging that something new and thrilling is going on with this season instead of just pretending it’s all normal. 

“Drama this soon is a little bit crazy,” Clare says as the promo begins. 

She can be seen kissing a couple of guys and forcefully sending one guy home while another guy cries in a confessional, and then we see Chris ever so slightly smiling as he informs Clare of what she’s done. 

Of course, the promo is not specific about what Clare has done, but we all know. 

Sources confirmed to E! News in early August that after she handed out her first impression rose, Clare was pretty much done. She had already found what she was looking for (a man) and she no longer needed the show, so Tayshia Adams stepped in as the new star of the season. 

Tayshia has not yet made an appearance in any promos, but the show continues to tease that something big is coming. 

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