Clare Crawley Has Epic Response to Criticism Over Strip Dodgeball Date

Clare previously hinted at her discomfort over the way things went down by responding, “YES. YES. YES,” to Bekah Martinez‘s Chatty Broads podcast recap of the episode. The Chatty Broads Instagram account also reposted a DM they received from Clare, which read, “you ladies couldn’t have been more accurate on it all! Thank you.”

On the podcast, the Bachelor Nation member and co-host Jess Ambrose called the moment “inappropriate,” with Bekah expressing her disapproval of the love languages group date. She shared, “She’s the only woman in the room, with this group of men in this weird conference room, blindfolded, not knowing who is going to come up and touch her… Not only that but the men are being forced to then put on blindfolds and be touched by her and/or touch her.”

Regarding the dodgeball date, Jess and Bekah felt like a line was definitely crossed. “I felt like it was humiliating also to her,” Bekah shared. “Because she was literally forced to watch them as they had their d–ks out for her… I felt bad for everyone involved.” 

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