Dax Shepard Just Shaved His Head for the Sweetest Reason

In May 2019, Kristen revealed she gave her then-6-year-old, Lincoln, permission to shave her head. Bell said at the time, “She just woke up one morning and was like, ‘I need to shave this whole side right here.’ I was like, ‘I’ve never been, nor will I ever be, that cool to shave the side of my head.’ And she did it, and she rocks it and she loves it.”

Kristen also let loose earlier this week and let her kids drink non-alcoholic beer during their Zoom class.

She told Carla Hall on her Say Yes! podcast, “They have 15-minute breaks where they’re allowed to jump around and grab a snack and wiggle it out. And I walk in to check on them at 9:30 and both of them are drinking an O’Doul’s on their Zooms.” Bell continued, “They’re both just sipping their Doulies. And I’m like, ‘What must these other parents and teachers think of me?'”

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