Demi Lovato Is Talkspace's New Mental Health Spokesperson!

“From my time as a child actor and singer to growing up in the public eye, I’ve tried to remain true to myself and honest with my fans by sharing my story of struggle, hoping that whoever needs to hear it finds solace and inspiration for their own journey,” Lovato exclusively told E! “What I admire most about Talkspace is their mission to provide Therapy for All and bring more awareness to the importance of mental and behavioral health. We’re all dealing with our own struggles, so it’s important to arm ourselves with the right resources to not only live and manage—but thrive—every day.”

According to Talkspace, more than half of the U.S. population is experiencing negative mental health effects from the pandemic, and two-thirds of people with a known mental health illness are not seeking treatment right now. On Talkspace, you can get matched to a therapist within 24 hours and talk to them over live video sessions. You can also send your therapist text, video and voice messages anytime.

“I’m grateful to join the Talkspace family to make mental health care more accessible and help change the way we talk about mental health,” Lovato said. “My journey to becoming an advocate has not been easy, but I am glad that I can help people out there struggling gain access to resources that could help to improve or even save lives.”

Interested in trying out Talkspace? You can get started here.

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