Dr. Terry Dubrow Tackles an

A butchered beauty.

On tonight’s season six finale of Botched, doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif sat down with new patient Jessica and learned about her horrific plastic surgery journey. During her consultation with the Botched doctors, the Los Angeles resident explained how, after significant weight loss, she sought out plastic surgery to fix her sagging skin.

“I decided I need a makeover,” Jessica shared in a confessional. “That’s when the nightmare started.”

Jessica first received a tummy tuck and a breast lift from a doctor in Guadalajara. After not being happy with the surgical results, Jessica traveled to Tijuana, on recommendation from a friend, to meet with a different doctor.

In addition to another tummy tuck, Jessica wanted to increase her breast size and undergo liposuction. This time, Jessica wasn’t just unhappy with her results, she was traumatized.

Apparently, the plastic surgeon covered Jessica in surgical tape, which caused her skin to come off with the tape.

Jessica remarked, “And basically he left me with scars everywhere.”

Upon hearing this, a horrified Dr. Dubrow was left “speechless.” Why?

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