DWTS Reveals Who Will Dance in the Finale

It feels like just yesterday when we were waiting to find out if Carole Baskin could dance. 

Somehow, that was more than two months ago, and now we’re just a week away from the season 29 finale of Dancing With the Stars. How the time flies when the entire world is out of control! 

Tonight, DWTS took the final six down to the final four, revealing which stars will dance in the finale. But before the names were read out, there was dancing to be done. First, all the couples took on a redemption dance with some guidance from the judges. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Nev Schulman both earned perfect scores on theirs, but everyone else was close behind with mostly nines.

On their final dances (their second of the night), every single couple got a perfect score, making all the scores for the night incredibly close. Nelly landed the lowest score of the night, with Skai Jackson and Johnny Weir just ahead of him. Nelly also ended up safely making it to the finale, while Skai and Johnny were the ones who got sent home. 

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