Emma Roberts and Garret Hedlund Help Fallen Motorcycle Driver

Soon-to-be parents Emma Roberts and Garrett Hedlund to the rescue!

On Sunday, Oct. 11, Emma and Garrett saw a scary sight on the road and offered a helping hand. 

“Emma Roberts and boyfriend Garret Hedlund come to the aid of a fallen motorcycle driver,” a source tells E! News. “The couple were driving behind a Prius in LA today when the Prius made a left turn and hit the motorcycle driver who allegedly had the right of way. Emma was driving her car behind the Prius with Garrett in the passenger seat and the couple immediately stopped and came to the aid of the driver.”

Fortunately, it sounds like all were okay after the ordeal. Emma and Garrett spent the rest of their afternoon meeting up with friends, according to JustJared. 

The American Horror Story alum and the Pan actor have been dating since March of 2019. In August, Emma confirmed she and her partner were going to be parents to a baby boy. 

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