Everything We Learned About The Flash Season 7 at DC FanDome

Every day, we get closer and closer to The Flash season seven. 

Production is only just beginning, but we already have a taste of what’s to come thanks to the cast’s appearance at DC FanDome—and thanks to the unfinished footage that was already shot before the pandemic brought filming to a halt. While a small portion of the panel aired during the first DC FanDome date in August, the full panel was made available on Saturday, Sept. 12 and it was absolutely worth the wait. 

After a little bit of discussion of what happened in season six and a peek at the unseen footage, showrunner Eric Wallace explained that you can get a good idea of where the show is going in season seven if you carefully watch the trailer. 

“Even though it’s only footage really from one episode, pay attention to the way it’s presented,” he said. “It’s actually huge spoilers all over the place.”

Iris (Candice Patton) is still trapped in the mirror, but Patton said she’ll be out “soon” into the new season. 

“It’ll be very interesting to see how she’s been affected by being stuck in this maddening world with this supervillain,” she said. “Obviously Team Flash and Barry were working to get her. It took a while. I don’t know if there’s some resentment there or even if there’s some residual mental affect of being in that mirror world.” 

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