Go Inside Hilary Duff’s Home

Luca made a cameo in the video when he came to hide in a Crate and Barrel bookcase in her formal living room. “This is Luca’s new favorite hiding space. We play hide and go seek. It’s a new favorite game around here,” said the 32-year-old star. Reminding us all that she’s the fun mom, she called after Luca, saying, “There’s donuts in the kitchen.”

The space also featured two orange Kelly Wearstler plush retro chairs and a giant crystal on the floor where Banks “really likes to sit and charge up on.”

The home tour gave more glimpses into how Duff has been spending her quarantine. For starters, she’s getting into gardening and trying to keep her plants alive.

“I recently murdered a cactus that I got myself for my 30th birthday. She was the same age as me and she lasted and then I killed her,” Duff admitted. “[I’m] trying really hard to have a green thumb. I just don’t.” 

And she’s finding that her bar cart “is a huge important part of the house, especially during quarantine, when I was a second grade teacher.” She added, “I did a lot of wine drinking and a lot of cocktail making then.” Cheers to that!

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