Hailey Bieber Clarifies the Timeline of Her Relationship With Justin

It wasn’t quite 10,000 hours, but there was definitely time in between Justin Bieber‘s romance with ex Selena Gomez and the one he has with now-wife Hailey Bieber

As fans can recall, in 2018 Justin’s personal life was a whirlwind as he spent the first part of the year with his on-again, off-again ex Selena and ended the year engaged to Hailey. Hailey cleared up the timeline during a remote appearance on Ashley Graham‘s Pretty Big Deal podcast. In the new episode, released on Tuesday, Nov. 17, the fashionista said, “People don’t know, too, we had been talking for a while before we got back together.”
“Contrary to popular belief,” Hailey noted, “he had been single for a while and I had been single and we were kind of just trying to figure life out.”

If your recollection is a bit fuzzy, allow us to take you down memory lane. After Justin reunited with Selena in late 2017, the pop stars seemed to hit the breaks on their rekindled relationship by mid-2018.  

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