Jennifer Garner Details the Paparazzi's Painful Impact on Her Children

Jennifer Garner considers the paparazzi a “cost of doing business” in Hollywood, but not at the expense of her children’s wellbeing.

In an especially personal appearance on PBS’ Tell Me More With Kelly Corrigan, the actress recalls the extreme lengths that photographers would take to follow her, then-husband Ben Affleck and their three kids, Violet, 14, Seraphina, 11, Samuel, 8, day in and day out for an entire decade. 

“For 10 years,” Garner shares, “there were at the very least six cars and often 20 outside of our house, and outside of school, and at the pediatrician’s. And you’re begging them, ‘Please step aside from the pediatrician’s door. I have a sick kid. Please.'”

Calling tabloid attention “so crazy,” the A-lister adds, “Who cares about some dumb celebrity problem? Unless it’s your child going through it, it’s not worth anyone’s attention or bother. It’s a cost of doing business but it just got to be ridiculous.” 

So ridiculous, in fact, that Jennifer says the paparazzi were “causing car accidents all the time.” She recalls, “I’d go through a yellow light and there would be 15 cars that would go through the red light without compunction.”

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