Jessica Mulroney On Where Her Friendship Stands With Meghan Markle

Recently, Jessica came under fire over an incident involving Black influencer Sasha Exeter.

In June 2020, after Sasha posted an Instagram encouraging her followers to “use their voice for good and help combat the race war and what’s happening to the Black community.”  Sasha alleged that Jessica took issue with her statement. 

“Unfortunately though, one very prominent Canadian figure, who used to be an acquaintance of mine, named Jessica Mulroney, took offense to a very generic call to action that I shared to my IG Stories,” Sasha shared at the time. “And what happened next was a series of very problematic behavior and antics that ultimately resulted in her sending me a threat in writing last Wednesday, June 3.” 

Sasha added that she didn’t understand why Jessica took this stance as her best friend, referencing Meghan, is “arguably one of the most famous Black women in the world.”

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