Jim Carrey Debuts as Joe Biden for Saturday Night Live Premiere

Jim Carrey finally made his first appearance as presidential hopeful Joe Biden on Saturday Night Live—but that wasn’t the only surprise the season 46 premiere had in store! Hosted by Chris Rock, the variety show returned to studio 8H after ending its last season with virtually produced episodes due to the coronavirus pandemic. While the show took an abundance of caution to ensure the performers and crew were safe, it had no impact on the comedy of the night. Of course, given the upcoming presidential election, the Saturday Night Live crew had plenty to mine from. Here are the five best moments from the season premiere!

1. The Presidential Debate Goes Off the Rails

The presidential debate between Donald Trump and Biden was one of the most talked about (and unusual) political moments in recent years. SNL topped it with Alec Baldwin once again portraying the president, who declared he was “ready to get the show on the road and off the rails.” He did as promised, with Carrey’s Biden barely able to get out more than “Look, here’s the deal” during every debate question. 

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