Jon Gosselin Claims Kate Is Alienating Him From His Kids

Jon Gosselin‘s relationship with six of his eight children has reached its breaking point.

In a sneak peek of Gosselin’s latest sit-down interview with Dr. Oz, the former reality TV star revealed that twins Cara and Mady, both 20, as well as 16-year-old Leah, Alexis, Joel and Aaden no longer speak to him anymore and have stopped communicating with siblings Collin and Hannah, who currently live with him and girlfriend Colleen Conrad.

In fact, Gosselin said it’s been two years since he’s spoken to his estranged children.

He blamed ex-wife Kate Gosselin for the lack of communication, telling The Dr. Oz Show host that “parent alienation and now sibling alienation” are the reason for their estrangement.

Jon added, “And now they’re shunning Hannah and Colin.” He speculated that Kate is “intervening” in the siblings’ relationship, but didn’t explain the possible motivation behind her alleged actions.  

Additionally, he alleged that Kate doesn’t speak to Hannah or Collin, nor did she contact them to share that she was selling their childhood home. The family bought the Pennsylvania farm house in 2008, when the sextuplets were just 4 years old. 

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