Justin Bieber Introduces the New Him in Sneak Peek of YouTube Special

In a sneak peek of his emotional new documentary special, Justin Bieber revealed that at one point in his life, he questioned if the pain he felt would “ever go away.”

In the YouTube’s Justin Bieber: Next Chapter, the singer—who has long been open about his struggles with mental health—shared that he finally came to a place of peace. 

“There’s a lot more confidence in my relationships,” he explained, before adding: “Now, I just have hope in my relationship with God.”

In the clip, Justin reflected on the cancellation of his Changes tour, which was set to kickoff shortly before the coronavirus hit.

While quarantine came with some challenges, he called the time he got to spend with wife Hailey Bieber—who he married in a courthouse ceremony in September 2018 before the two had a bigger, star-studded wedding the following year—”a beautiful thing.” 

He explained that being forced to take time off from work meant he and Hailey could “take a step back and focus on each other.” 

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