Kanye West Speaks Out After Issa Rae Shades Him on SNL

While Issa has yet to comment on Kanye’s tweet, she did share how much fun she had hosting the long-running comedy sketch show.

“Had a blast! Thank you @nbcsnl and thank y’all for watching,” she captioned her Twitter post on Sunday.

Just last month, Issa opened up about the work that still needs to be done in Hollywood when it comes to diversity. “Since we’ve had these uprisings, since we’ve had these Hollywood conversations, I’ve been on white-ass sets that are acknowledging why we need diversity. So I’m like, ‘Something’s really clicking,'” she told Bustle in September.

“But I don’t know what else to tell you,” she continued. “I can only show you or do it, but I’m not the one. I am tired. I got exhausted having these conversations the other day, where I’m like … I don’t want to be the tokenized person for you to talk about these experiences with. But I’ve said that before, too, and I still am.”

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