Katherine Heigl Just Heard What Harry Styles'

Turns out “Watermelon Sugar” is a sexual innuendo. Who knew?

Katherine Heigl and a handful of Harry Styles fans just realized that the summer bop is actually an ode to the female anatomy. Specifically, Harry sings about oral sex. 

If you already knew that, then feel free to skip ahead to Katherine’s remarks. If not, then all you need to know is Harry is not just craving a yummy cocktail drink—or any other food or beverage for that matter—when he sings, “I just wanna taste it, I just wanna taste it.”

But let the record show that Harry has neither confirmed or denied that the central theme of “Watermelon Sugar” refers to his experience in the bedroom. 

Nonetheless, Katherine was notified of the potential meaning when she shared a video of her husband, Josh Kelley, and their children dancing to the song. An Instagram user commented, “Oh no, this song is about going down on women but the kids don’t need to know that.”

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