Kevin Reveals His Big Surprise in This Is Us Sneak Peek

Kevin (Justin Hartley) has some big news for Kate (Chrissy Metz) on This Is Us

In a new sneak peek of the season five premiere, Kevin goes to Kate’s house to deliver a big surprise to her and Toby (Chris Sullivan). Kate tells him to get further back in the yard (since this is the time of COVID-19), and she and Toby barely give him a second to speak. Toby thinks his big news is that he’s the new Batman or maybe that he’s starting his own tequila brand, or maybe he knocked somebody up! 

Kevin’s face says it all, and he introduces Madison (Caitlin Thompson), who has been waiting in the car. Not only is she pregnant, but she’s having twins! And they’re Kevin’s! Toby can only mumble nonsense while Kate’s speechless, and honestly we laughed too hard at this whole exchange. We’ve missed these people. 

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