Khloe Kardashian & Scott Disick Pull the Ultimate Prank on Kris Jenner

“I have a quick, quick thing, can I run it by you?” Christy asked Kris while Scott and Khloe were muted on the other line. “So, TMZ called yesterday and they have, you know, kind of following up from the images last time, they have images of you from Monday night.”

As the publicist continued, she detailed the photos that were allegedly taken Monday evening. Here’s where Corey came in and confirmed that they did stop at a liquor store.

A confused Kris snapped, “Why would we stop?”

The lie Corey told Kris? They stopped at a liquor store so Corey could use the restroom. When he returned to the vehicle, Kris was gone.

“I just don’t remember what we were doing,” Kris, while looking over the images, said. “What are the trash can images?”

Corey proved to be a phenomenal actor as he informed Kris that they had to pass the trash cans to get to the bathroom.

He added, “I told you to wait and you didn’t like, listen to me.”

Kris retorted, “Well, that was a mistake.”

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