Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Married in Lavish Ceremony—And I Was There

Then we saw their actual venue: Forte di Belvedere. The historic fortress’ walls were adorned with turquoise shards of glass in place of barbed wire and the views from Boboli Gardens were even more stunning than I expected. We even caught a sneak peek of that infamous wall of white roses being set up—the backdrop of the Kimye wedding vows.

By the day of their long-awaited wedding—hours before Kim and Kanye were set to marry inside an open air fortress, in one of the most romantic places literally ever– everyone knew this is where it was going down. A group of local teens had even gathered at the main entrance, chanting “Justin! Justin!” because, for some hilarious reason, they were all convinced Justin Bieber was on the guest list. For the record, not so much. Sorry, kids.

As the line of blacked-out Mercedes carrying Kim and Kanye’s guests onto the grounds snaked their way up to the fortress, Joe Francis, at the time a constant fixture in the Kards’ life, poked his head out the window to wave to the fans screaming at the top of their lungs.

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