Lana Del Rey Receives Backlash After Wearing Mesh Face Mask

Lana Del Rey fans are upset over the artist’s decision to wear a mesh face mask to a fan meet and greet. 

On Saturday, Oct. 3, Lana made a spontaneous stop at the Barnes & Noble at shopping complex The Grove in Los Angeles to promote her new poetry book Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass. In a series of Instagram photos and videos, Lana is wearing a mesh face mask that provides no protection from the spread of the coronavirus. Her team, who can be seen in the background of the videos, do seem to be wearing the proper face coverings.

Fans called the “Cinnamon Girl” singer out in the comments section, with many asking her to apologize for her choice of mask. 

“please address the mask situation,” one comment, which received over 18,000 likes, read. “it’s absolutely embarrassing”

“I’m trying so hard to love you but please wear a real mask,” added another fan.

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