Miley Cyrus Reveals How Hannah Montana Impacted Her Life

For Miley, she explained that she realized how much she related to her Disney Channel character. “Really, Hannah Montana was not a character,” she noted. “The concept of the show, it’s me. I’ve had to really come to terms with that and not be third-person about it.”

Along with opening up about her early career days, the “Mother’s Daughter” singer reflected on a time when she was displaying a version of herself to the world. It was back in 2017 when she released Younger Now, her sixth studio album.

“A couple of years ago,” she told Rolling Stone, “it looked like I was living some fairy tale. It really wasn’t. At that time, my experimentation with drugs and booze and the circle of people around me was not fulfilling or sustainable or ever going to get me to my fullest potential and purpose.”

“There’s an idea that during the Younger Now era, I was pure,” she pointed out. “The media likes to have my hair or what I look like be the point of reference for my sanity. ‘Hair’s long and blond, she’s sane right now. She cannot be f–ked up on drugs. It’s when her hair is painted or she’s growing out her armpit hair [that] she’s on drugs.'”

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