My Music Moments: Karol G Shares the Soundtrack to Her Life

Karol G wants you to know what a boss you are.

Following up her smash hit “Ay DiOs Mío!,” the Colombian superstar released “Bichota” on Oct. 23. And the track is her call to arms, a powerhouse anthem meant to remind her fans—and herself—to never forget about their own power.

“‘Bichota’ was a project that I was thinking a lot about because it’s a song that expresses what I feel right now as a woman, as a business girl,” she told E! News of the track’s inception in a new interview. “All these months, I’ve been getting in love with myself again because, in this industry, it’s very easy to lose the path, the way. There were a lot of things happening, and I just stopped loving a lot of things about me. I just started loving everything again. And I feel so empowered.”

As she explained, her hope is that the track can inspire fans to start to feel the same way. “The most important thing for me is [that] women get in love with themselves and go out and eat the world. I don’t know if I can use that expression in English, if it means the same thing,” she continued. “But the thing is, I just want them to feel the thing they are—they are bichotas. Everybody is a bichota. Everybody has something inside that is huge, everybody has a talent and a gift that’s meant to be big in the world. I just want to empower all of them.”

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