Nicole Kidman Recalls Having a Double Date During Tom Cruise Marriage

On Oct. 13, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant sat down with Marie Claire and chatted on Zoom about their upcoming HBO limited series The Undoing. During the 12-minute conversation, the Academy Award-winning actress and Notting Hill star reminisced about the first time they met, which coincidentally was during one of Nicole’s more well-known relationships.

“We met in our 20s, Hugh,” the Big Little Lies star remembered. 

“Yes, we did. Was it that dinner at The Ivy in London? You, Tom Cruise—,” he added. 

“Yes. And you were with Liz—,” Nicole continued. 

Hugh confirmed, “Yeah, Elizabeth Hurley, and… I don’t know. John Duigan? Who knows who was there?” 

Nicole also remembered her sister, journalist Antonia Kidman, being present at the star-studded dinner.

The Zoom conversation is one of the rare occurrences where the 53-year-old actress talks about her rocky marriage to the Mission Impossible actor. Though the two have long since divorced, their marriage was once the talk of the town. 

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