Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev Talk Wedding Plans & Baby Matteo's Potential Role

Born on July 31 after 20+ hours of labor—which Artem recalled in-detail on The Bellas Podcast—Matteo is already good at getting what he wants from his parents.

As his dad put it, “Trust me, when that bottom lip rumbles and the cry starts, you’re just willing to do anything to stop that.”

“And when I say anything to stop that, if someone would say, ‘Chop your hand off,’ you would chop your hand off,” he said, laughing.

Nikki pointed out that Artem and Matteo quickly formed a strong bond, and that the newborn often falls asleep for hours on his chest.

“When people ask, ‘How does it feel to be a dad?’ Nothing I could’ve expected. It’s better in such a different way,” Artem expressed. “It’s like unless you actually experience it, there’s just no way you can explain with words.”

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