Pregnant Meghan Trainor Shares Updates About Her Baby Boy

“So many songs [like] ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,’ I really struggled with,” Meghan revealed. “I was like, I cannot breathe. Also, I’m pregnant, so I’m already winded. But I was like, maybe it’ll be different when I’m not pregnant.”

Plus, she wasn’t just going to nix the track—especially since, as Meghan told Carissa, she picked the songs for A Very Trainor Christmas based on “memories that I had growing up.” 

“I wanted stuff that I knew…like Michael Buble‘s ‘White Christmas,’ is so good and one of my favorite holiday songs,” Meghan said, adding that she made sure she was realistic, too. “I knew I’m not going to take on Mariah Carey. I’m not going to take on ‘O Holy Night’ because I can’t get up there.”

As for her decision to make a Christmas album in the first place, Meghan explained it’s been a long time coming.

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