Reese Witherspoon Admits She Was

As an actress, producer, entrepreneur and mom, Reese Witherspoon may seem like she has it all together. But even the 44-year-old Oscar winner admits there was a time when she was still trying to find her way. 

Witherspoon spoke candidly about this chapter during a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show. The topic came up after Drew Barrymore recalled seeing Witherspoon with her first two kids Ava Phillippe, 21, and Deacon Phillippe, 16—who she shares with ex Ryan Phillippe—years ago during the early stages of the moviemakers’ careers. “How did you balance work and motherhood at that point?” the host asked. “Because I was just trying to balance work.” 

Witherspoon acknowledged she was “terrified” at the time. “I got pregnant when I was 22 years old,” she said. “And I didn’t know how to balance work and motherhood. You just do it, you know?”

The Big Little Lies star also remembered how she didn’t know if she was going to have “steady work” back then.

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