Rihanna's Bidet Is Conjured Up on Magical Girl Friendship Squad

What would you pay for Rihanna‘s bidet?

We are thinking this very question while watching this exclusive clip from Saturday, Oct. 3’s all-new episode of SYFY’s Magical Girl Friendship Squad. The new animated series, which airs Saturdays at midnight as a part of TZGZ (SYFY’s late-night animation block), follows friends Alex and Daisy as they learn to use their newfound powers.

For example, in the exclusive clip below, Alex and Daisy use magic to collect “celebrity trash” to sell. Why? So, they can make rent in time.

“These sites are so sinister,” Alex (voiced by Quinta Brunson) starts off. “Why do people want this s–t?”

Meanwhile, BFF Daisy (voiced by Anna Akana) is wishing they lived near “quality” celebrity junk.

“Like, where do all the celebrity baby teeth go?” she ponders aloud. “Where?”

After taking a hit from her “Tom Selleck bong,” Daisy is able to conjure up some celebrity baby teeth.

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