See 3 Singles Prepare to Flip the Love Island Villa Upside Down

The beauty of Love Island is that just when one couple appears to be going steady, a hot new single swoops in to break the status quo.

Since its August premiere, season two of the reality show has proved that pandemic-related changes barely have an affect on what happens inside the villa—or rather, the Cromwell, this season’s quarantine-friendly filming location in Las Vegas. Shirts have been removed, love-hungry contestants have had meme-able moments, and people have definitely re-coupled. And just when the stakes already felt high, three new Islanders will arrive in Sin City with all eyes on their next move.

E! News has an exclusive first look at the Thursday, Sept. 17 episode that introduces Bennie Bivens, Noah Purvis, and Bennet Sipes.

Hailing from Barnegat, New Jersey, Bennie is a 24-year-old personal trainer and Leo who, like all Islanders, is remarkably fit. “The perfect woman in my eyes is definitely brunette, light eyes and she’s petite,” he says. “I care and when I do, I care hard.”

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