Should the Brothers Die at the End of Supernatural?

As we pointed out, if they’re dead for real and at peace, that makes it harder to come back for a movie or any form of a show reunion, and it sounds like that’s very likely to happen. 

“I will say this. I hope that next April 2 isn’t the last time I’ll ever play Sam Winchester,” he said, referencing what was supposed to be the original series finale date before the coronavirus pandemic shut down production.

And as Jensen Ackles pointed out, dying is often not the end on Supernatural—just ask all the bad guys who have returned from the dead to terrorize the brothers this season. He’s down for a death, but he’s also down for a different plan. 

“If we do go out that way, great. Or maybe the guys move to Reno and become card players, and you know, the biggest struggle is juggling between three waitresses,” he said.

“Art imitates life,” Padalecki joked. 

“Right, what?” 

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