Succession Wins Best Drama At the 2020 Emmys

And the final award of the night goes to Succession.

The HBO drama just won the 2020 Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series and creator Jesse Armstrong marked the occasion with one of the most unusual speeches any major award show has ever seen. This year’s Emmys also happened to be the most unusual award show that award shows have ever seen, so it worked extremely well!

Basically, instead of thanking people for the show’s incredible win, Armstrong chose to un-thank them, and he did not hold back. 

“This is a wonderful achievement for the whole group, but for being robbed of the opportunity to spend this time with our peers and with the cast and crew, I think maybe I’d like to do a couple of un-thank yous,” he said. “Un-thank you to the virus for keeping us all apart this year. Un-thank you to President Trump for his crummy and uncoordinated response. Un-thank you to Boris Johnson and his government for doing the same in my country. Un-thank you to all the nationalist governments in the world who are exactly the opposite of what we need right now, and un-thank you for the media moguls who do so much to keep them in power. So, un-thank you!” 

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