Terry Bradshaw's Family Competes to Find Rachel a Boyfriend!

A race for Rachel’s heart! 

The coronavirus pandemic has taken hold on The Bradshaw Bunch in recent weeks, and as fans of the E! show surely recall, it didn’t take long for NFL legend and family patriarch Terry Bradshaw to go “quarantine crazy.”

We’ve seen him dine on worms and dress up in Daisy Dukes, but on tonight’s all-new episode, Terry finally put his boredom to good use. 

More specifically, he had two problems he was hoping to solve. One involved setting up his recently single daughter Rachel on a virtual date—something that would help her get over her ex-boyfriend and dissuade her from going out, socializing and potentially contracting COVID-19—and the other would help him rake in some extra money. 

Terry definitely has experience when it comes to the former, though his matchmaking hasn’t exactly proved successful. This time, he’s presenting the 33-year-old with a friend’s son—and not just any friend, but a preacher.

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