Terry & Rachel Bradshaw Are a Dream Team on Celebrity Game Face

A dream team.

In this clip from Thursday, Sept. 17’s all-new Celebrity Game Face, father-daughter duo Terry Bradshaw and Rachel Bradshaw prove they’re an incredible team during one hilarious challenge. The task?

While Terry dons noise canceling headphones, in 45 seconds, Rachel must say a series of phrases while holding a magnifying glass up to her mouth. And, before you can accuse the NFL legend of cheating, host and executive producer Kevin Hart makes sure Terry can’t hear a thing.

“Terry, can you hear me? Terry!” Kevin repeatedly yells. “Terry! Terry? Terry, can you hear me?”

After Kevin is assured that Terry cannot hear him, he gives Rachel the green light to begin saying the phrases.

She starts off, “Call me daddy.”

After taking a moment, Terry correctly answers, “Call me daddy.”

And if that doesn’t impress you, The Bradshaw Bunch patriarch goes on to correctly guess, “Okurrr!”

“Wait a second,” Kevin remarks. “That’s pretty impressive.”

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