The Bachelorette Ignites a Feud Between 2 of Tayshia Adams' Men

Now it really feels like a normal season of The Bachelorette

While the first few episodes of this season found all the men mad at Bachelorette Pt. 1 Clare Crawley and the one and only Dale Moss, they’ve all moved on to being mad at each other as they fight for the heart of Bachelorette Pt. 2 Tayshia Adams. That’s how things usually are and that’s what we’re comfortable with, even as it becomes annoying. It’s a comforting kind of annoying. 

Tonight, the fight was between Ed and Chasen. They were both involved in a date that was designed to help Tayshia find a “grown-ass man,” but unfortunately neither one of them really acted like one. 

Ed fell prey to that thing where one contestant gets so obsessed with how much another contestant sucks that they can’t actually focus on dating their star. Chasen was the sucky contestant in question, a man who learned the term “smokeshow” and then couldn’t stop saying it. He also learned that he sometimes goes by the name of Wolverine and refused to accept Ed, who was at all times holding a fake baby, declaring his shirt a size “smedium.” 

“It’s actually a large,” said Chasen. 

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