The Crown Casts Dominic West as its Final Prince Charles

Nothing funny or ironic going on here, no sir. 

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Crown has cast Dominic West as Prince Charles in its final two seasons. Now, if that news had come out in early October, we would have been like, “Oh sure! The guy from The Wire and The Affair!” But now, much later in October, we say, “That guy who left a handwritten note on his front yard to explain to reporters just how strong his marriage is? Oh, yes.”

West will play Prince Charles during the period where Charles was married to Princess Diana while famously having an affair with his now-wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. West is recently known for his leading role in the Showtime series The Affair, in which he played a husband who cheated on his wife. Most recently, however, he’s known for being photographed kissing an actress who was not his wife. 


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