The Great Emily in Paris Debate: Is It Good Or Not?

It’s Good – Jonathan Borge 

I unequivocally loved Emily in Paris. If you’re sheepishly searching for answers to whether the new Netflix hit will return for season two, don’t worry about getting labeled basic. Google with confidence! I see you, I respect you, I too need to know whether our titular character throws her French boy toy to the wind or ends up marrying him at the steps of Versailles (what a dream, right?). Rumor has it, a threesome could happen.

There’s a reason Emily in Paris has inspired Reddit subthreads and guides that match each character to their zodiac sign (like Emily, I’m a Virgo). For viewers who’ve already seen season one twice, bear with me, and if you’re new to her world, know this: It follows Emily, an aggressively optimistic 20-something-year-old social media marketer whose Chicago-based employer sends her to Paris to work, annoy her French colleagues and meet an assortment of new friends and lovers that could all be signed to Wilhelmina Models in a snap.

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