The Love Story of Dylan Sprouse and Barbara Palvin

She was right, of course, as evidenced by the fact that the twosome were sharing this tale at their first joint magazine shoot. Already a well-worn dialogue in the months since they’d gotten together, each knew their lines, with Palvin punctuating her last statement by turning to the actor, 28, and instructing, “Now say your part.” 

The too long; didn’t read version: he didn’t want to look desperate and so he booked a gig in China, where he’d spend six long months filming Xiaolong Zheng‘s Turandot. “I’m not one to chase,” he noted. “If I get left on read after putting out my number, f–k that.” The time away meant he missed the long-anticipated opening of his Brooklyn meadery, but not his shot with Palvin. Because just as he was wondering, whatever happened to that girl, she finally texted. 

Now the former Disney Channel star (one half of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody‘s Sprouse twins, as most 20somethings would tell you) and the Giorgio Armani beauty ambassador—marking her 27th birthday today—have eclipsed their second anniversary en route to a potential forever.

“A few days late now due to having no service in Yosemite but happy two-year anniversary,” Sprouse captioned a selfie, recognizing the June day they finally met up in Asia. “Here’s to us looking more alike with each passing year until we’re a single beast with four arms and four legs that runs at a top speed of 50 mph and screams like a baboon at nearby travelers trespassing into our woods. I love you.”

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